Mini Bar Tips – How to Stock the Perfect Tipple Station


A mini bar is a fantastic addition to any home. Even in the smallest flats, a well-stocked bar cart provides an air of refinement, style, charm and comfort (is there anything more relaxing than an after-work cocktail?). Pick out a cozy nook – perhaps in the living area, where you can entertain yourself and guests alike – and follow these steps on how to stock the perfect mini bar.

Mini Bar Cart

First thing’s first. Choose a bar cart that suits your taste and room decor. From modern acrylic carts to intricate metal styles, you want your mini bar to feel as “you” as the rest of your living space. Consider extra storage features as well. Some bar carts have extra shelving, while others offer racks for hanging wine glasses and champagne flutes.



Make your mini bar official by accessorizing it with some great barware. It’s not necessary to go crazy with the mixology gadgets (especially if you have a smaller bar cart), but you should definitely have a martini shaker, an ice bucket with tongs, and a trusty bottle opener. A shiny platter or tray also makes for a nice presentation piece.



Don’t take up too much valuable bar cart space by stocking it with a full set of every type of wine and cocktail glass available. Instead, stick to a few trusty standbys, such as highball glasses for well drinks and a nice set of stemless wine glasses, or pick out a decorative set that shows off your personality. If classic crystal is your thing, go for it. If you prefer something a bit more interesting, try a set of black and gold glasses with animal decals – very “safari chic.”


The Spirits

Here’s the fun part – time to stock up on the booze! Rather than shelling out a bunch of cash on a dozen bottles of spirits, stick with your favorite liquors and add whatever you’d like to serve should you have guests over. Three to six bottles of standard spirits should do it – vodka, rum, gin, tequila, whiskey and brandy are all solid choices.



Complement your liquor collection with an array of tasty mixers. Line up a few bottles of sparkling water atop your mini bar along with some fruity concoctions. Simply add a shot (or two) of your favorite spirit, and you’ll have a yummy cocktail ready in seconds.



Round out the perfect mini bar by keeping a few garnishes on hand. Cocktail olives and maraschino cherries sit well in glass jars, and you can always display some freshly cut lemon and lime wedges on a platter when you’re ready to serve. Cheers!


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