4 Cooking and Organization Tips for Small Kitchens


Just because you may have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t whip up a variety of tasty meals and baked goods from the comfort of your own home. Cooking in a large gourmet kitchen may sound ideal, but there’s something undeniably quaint and charming about a more compact space. With just a bit of planning and these simple organization tips, you’ll be able to churn out an endless stream of goodies despite the limited space (and without the extra mess)!

Mind Your Mise En Place

As a French culinary term for “put in place,” mise en place refers to having all of your ingredients set up before you start cooking. In a small kitchen – where larges messes can easily accumulate – laying out your ingredients, prepping them, and keeping them organized will save you a whole lot of effort by the time you have to clean up.


Clean As You Cook

Speaking of cleaning up, it’s always a good idea to clean up during the prepping and cooking process. If you just finished chopping a bunch of vegetables, wipe down the cutting board. If you’re done mixing that batter, wash the bowl and whisk while your cupcakes are baking. Spill something? Clean it up immediately with the quick swipe of a towel.


Be Picky About Cookware

For foodies and cooking fans, it can be tempting to purchase a huge collection of pots, pans, kitchen accessories, utensils, and the latest gadgets. But at the end of the day, all of that extra stuff will do nothing but make your small kitchen feel extra cramped. Be picky about your cookware and invest in a quality set of basics that you know you’ll use regularly.


Utilize Your Kitchen Space

With a little creativity, even the smallest kitchens can offer more storage space than what meets the eye. For starters, you can hang pots or utensils from your walls with a stylish wall mount, or arrange them along a hanging overhead rack. As for your cupboards, place a stackable organizer on shelves to instantly double your storage space and keep things tidy.


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