Top 10 Rug Picks this Season

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What’s not to love about a great area rug? Even in the smallest living spaces, the right rug can add a splash of colour and some personality to your interior decor, or transform a bleak-looking room into a chic environment. If you’re moving into a new apartment (or simply looking to give your home a makeover), here are our top ten favourite rugs this season.

1. Sleek and Modern

A minimalist aesthetic is anything but boring when you incorporate a black and steel color palette with a geometric pattern.


2. Bohemian

If you’re on board with the current Bohemian trend, then this rich and vibrant rug is for you. Top it off with a plush sofa and colorful throw pillows for a “Gypsy chic” feel.


3. Indoor Safari

Have you heard? Animal prints are the new neutral. This hand-hooked zebra print rug does wonders for livening up even the most neutral decor scheme.


4. Understated Elegance

If animal prints are a bit “too much” for your liking, experiment with textures in classic cream or beige. This rug sets the perfect foundation for an elegant space while the pattern adds a subtle interest.


5. Tea Time

An oriental rug is always a classic choice; but if you want something different, try this antique rose-colored style to transform your living area into a charming English tea room.


6. Fashionably Compact

For flats that may be too small for a full-on area rug, create your own cozy corner of the room with a fluffy little rug, comfy chair, and chenille throw.


7. The Perfect Neutral

A plain and neutral area rug is often your best bet, as it can open up a small space without adding too much clutter via busy patterns and details – plus, you can easily switch up other decor accents throughout the room to suit your mood.


8. Nautical

Summer is the perfect time for nautical-inspired room decor – and even during the colder months, a blue rug is a blissfully calming feature.


9. Statement Florals

Make a bold statement with a bright floral rug. You can tone down its effects with neutral furniture, or add to it with multi-colored sectionals and pillows.


10. Cool Coffee Shop

This rug captures that cool, artsy vibe of a downtown poet’s cafe. With dark and neutral tones, it’s the perfect addition to a flat for ladies and gents alike.



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