Decorating Walls – 6 Stylish Ways

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No matter how big or small your home may be, there’s one universal way to add a dose of personality and character to your house or flat – dress up those walls! Wall decor is an easy way to switch up the look of a room whenever the mood strikes, and it requires a minimal amount of space. Need some inspiration? Here are six stylish ways to decorate your walls.

Wall Art

Who doesn’t love a great piece of art? From digital photography to paintings on canvas, anything goes. Fill a wall with a sprawling landscape portrait, scatter some prints around the room, or create an eclectic collection of pictures with different types of frames.


Wall Paper

Wall paper is a great way to dress up a blank canvas. Prints are always an easy option, or you can opt for “paintable” versions that allow you to customize the color while adding some texture to your decor.


Vertical Gardens

Decorate your home while adding some beautiful greenery with vertical gardens.  Styles range from sturdy hanging versions to individual glass baubles. Try growing some air-freshening bamboo and flowers, or plant some herbs in the kitchen for a beautiful display without using any floor space.


Cool Clocks

A decorative clock adds an interesting touch to any wall display. Use it as a focal point to a collection of wall art, or choose a large clock as a standalone option for a smaller wall.



A vibrant hanging tapestry is a stylish alternative to framed pictures. Hang your tapestry in a scroll-like fashion or drape it for a more artsy, undone look.


Decorative Shelving

Do double-duty on your walls by adding storage and display space with decorative shelving units. Asymmetrical arrangements are a creative way to add room for photos, vases, and any other personal trinkets you’d like to show off.


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