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Small Space Decorating Ideas – Choosing the Perfect Rug

So, recently I was on the hunt for an awesome rug for my room but I was having a bit of difficulty deciding where to start. The challenge was picking one that fit both my style and the decor in my room. I learned that when choosing a rug for your small space there are a few things to consider. I’ve listed my top 3 things you should think about when buying a rug for your space!

Texture – Low or High pile?

Low pile rugs reduce the look of wear. They hold up better over time especially when placed in high traffic areas. On the other hand higher pile rugs are quite cozy and add a bit of warmth to a room. Have you ever laid down on carpet only to get up with a ton of lint all over you clothes and hair? Yeah, that’s what I was concerned about with high pile rugs BUT I like being able to sit on the floor and not have a hard stiff rug underneath me. The quality of the rug is definitely key when it comes to looking like a ball of lint with high pile rugs. 

urban outfitters rug

Urban Outfitters


It’s fun to add a bit of colour to your space when choosing your rug for your small space. Try not to play it too safe. Patterns aren’t a bad thing and if you have a room that’s neutral then incorporating a rug that’s a bit more daring and eye-catching can really make a space more inviting and interesting.

John Lewis Colour Rug

John Lewis

Choosing the right size and placement

Choosing the right size rug for your small space can be quite challenging. For my space, I wanted to make sure the rug wasn’t intruding in the wrong areas like too close to the kitchen or the doorway. I tried to adhere to some of the industry standards on rug placement such as not having all of the furniture on the rug or having it placed in front of the bedside table or even having just the front legs of the sofa or armchair on the rug. It needed to look centred. I choose to go with the 160×220 cm size. I’m still not sure if I should have gone bigger but not that confident I would have had the room to be honest in my small space.

My review of my rug from The Rug House

I initially wanted a rug that had a bit more colour but because I’ve never bought a rug before I wanted to play it a bit safe (going against my own advice here). After a bit of back and forth I finally decided on the Modern Grey Trellis Bombay rug from The Rug House. Trellis rugs are really popular right now and are quite modern which goes well with my personal taste. If you’re shopping around for a rug of your own check out The Rug House and get 20% off when you use our discount code FLAT54!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.22.07

The Rug House

The Rug House is an online retailer here in the UK. Ordering the rug was easy and it came fairly quickly – in like 4-5 days. I’ve had the rug for about a month now and wanted to wait a while so the rug can be “lived in” before I gave an honest review.

Initially I wasn’t expecting it to be in a cream off-whitish colour so that was a bit disappointing. I think the white in my bedding and bedroom furniture makes the rug look a bit dull. The colours in my room are a bit neutral so as I add more pops of colours in accessories I don’ t think it will be much of an issue.


The quality of the rug is also quite impressive. There hasn’t been shedding or anything like that and after a month it still looks great!



As I mentioned earlier regarding the size, I think I should have gone bigger. It just looks a bit small to me but I can live with it.


One thing I have noticed is that if you have carpet and lay heavy furniture on top there may be a bit of bunching. It’s not a big problem but it may be something that can be prevented by placing a rug underlay.



Overall I’m very please with my selection especially since it’s my first time incorporating a rug in my decor.
Please let me know what you think! Bigger? Different style or colour perhaps? Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out our next blog post showcasing our favourite rugs for small spaces! Cheers!

IMG_3915  Small space bedroom with Rug

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