Small Spaces – 5 Easy Ways to Maximize Storage

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With so many fantastic storage options available today, living in small spaces is hardly anything to worry about. Sure, it may take a bit more planning and organisation in advance, but there are plenty of ways to store your stuff without compromising style. Here are five easy ways to maximise storage in small spaces and get the most out of your flat’s valuable square footage.

Built-In Storage

Whether it comes with built-in drawers or a box spring that flips up to reveal a hidden compartment, purchasing a bed frame with built-in storage is a great investment. Even storing extra pillows, towels and bedding can make a huge difference. This particular style by MADE even detaches in half, which will definitely come in handy for any future moves – especially if you’re moving into a walk-up building.


Roomy Trunks

Trunks may appear to take up a lot of space, but they can also hold anything, from winter clothes to pet toys. Choose a stylish trunk that goes with your desired small space decor scheme, and it can even double as a low table – just add a cozy throw blanket, some tabletop books, and a couple picture frames.



Creative Shelving

It’s amazing how you can double your shelf space, simply by choosing shelving units with a more creative design. This set of shelves by Habitat, with its staggered zigzag layout, generates several additional nooks and crannies for books, flowers, candles, and any other knickknacks you may want to store or display. Its minimal aesthetic also helps it blend seamlessly into your decor, rather than overwhelming the room.



Under Bed Storage

Never underestimate the power of the gap between your bed and the floor – it’s a gold mine of extra storage in small spaces. Pick up some flat bins, load them up, and then slide them under the bed for an easy way to stash your stuff out of sight.



Beautiful Boxes

Make your storage units part of your flat’s decor with some beautiful boxes. After filling them up, you can arrange them on the coffee table, place them on the shelves, or stack some up in an empty corner for a cozy touch.

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