Entertaining in Small Spaces – Top 10 Tips

Entertaining guests in your small space


Just because you live in a small flat doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the fun of entertaining guests. Brunches, lunches, dinners and cocktail parties can all be held from the comfort of your own living room with a bit of strategic planning. Open your home for an enjoyable gathering and play the part of host or hostess with these ten tips for entertaining in small spaces.


First thing’s first – clear your entertaining area of any clutter. Stash away unnecessary kitchen appliances to make more room on counter tops, remove books or pictures from shelves that could be used for wine glasses, and hide away any bulky items that may be taking up too much valuable floor space. You may be surprised with just how much room your apartment really has.

Rearrange furniture.

A little rearranging of the furniture can do wonders for making more space. Move sofas and chairs to the parameters of your living room to fit a full dining table; or if you already have a dining area, move it towards the centre of the room to create more space for your guests.


Designate a space for coats and bags.

Have a closet or bedroom ready to store your guests’ coats and bags when they arrive – not only to make them comfortable, but so there’s nothing bulky laying on the floor or draped around your furniture.

Use creative seating.

Are you short on chairs? Is your apartment too small for a full-sized dining table? Not a problem! Invest in some stylish floor cushions and ottomans, and arrange them around your coffee table for a cozy, Moroccan-inspired dining experience.

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Prep food ahead of time.

Small kitchens can be tricky when it comes to cooking food for several people, so do as much prep work as you can ahead of time. You can make the entertaining process even easier by ordering in a catered meal or hors d’oeuvres.

Create different food stations.

Rather than having guests crowding around one single area for food and drinks, spread everything out into different stations. Have a bar cart set up in one corner of the room, appetizers in another, etc. This will help maintain an easier flow of traffic and make the most of your entertainment space.

Host a cocktail party.

Is a full-on dinner party too overwhelming for your home? Host a cocktail party instead! A nice selection of beer, wine, spirits, and some appetizers are more than enough for an enjoyable gathering.


Utilize other rooms.

For casual affairs, allow guests to mix and mingle around other areas of the flat. Whether it’s the kitchen or a bedroom, keep doors open for people to walk around and make use of your home to its fullest.

Get the air flowing.

Air quickly becomes stale within small spaces. Have fans and air conditioning units running during your gathering, or keep windows and balcony doors open so fresh air can circulate throughout the night.

Keep the decor simple.

An excess of decorations can easily overwhelm a small room, so keep your decor to a minimum when decorating in small spaces. A jug of flowers, a few candles, or some strung lights are more than enough to create a warm and relaxing environment.



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