6 Tips for Living with Pets in Small Spaces


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Living with pets can be wonderful – who doesn’t love being greeted by cuddles and wagging tails after a long day at work? When living with pets in small spaces it can be an entirely different story. Clutter, noise, shedding, and not-so-pleasant smells are even more noticeable when you don’t live in a large, sprawling house.

If you’re a pet owner living in a small space, keep your living quarters clean and make your life easier with these six tips.

Invest in a great vacuum.
Make your life easier by investing in a high quality vacuum like this model by Vax. A proper vacuum will pick up everything from dust to pet hair in a single pass, so you’re not spending all your free time trying to keep those floors and carpets clean.


Map out nearby dog parks or walking trails.
For dog owners, familiarize yourself with your neighborhood by pinpointing the nearest dog parks and pet-friendly walking trails. Whilst sidewalks are fine for a quick potty break (don’t forget to bring plastic baggies), a longer stroll is always preferable. Remember, an active pup is a happy pup!

Use an air purifier.
Pet dander and smells come with the territory when you’re a pet owner; and when you’re sharing a small space with your pet, fresh air can be difficult to come by. Use an air purifier to do the brunt of the work for you. Air purifiers with lovely fragrances can also create a beautifully scented home while reducing the amount of dust and allergens floating around.



Designate an area of your home for your pet, toys and pet products.
Organization is key for pet owners living in a small space, so designate an area of your apartment or house just for your furry friend. Dual-purpose furniture, such as storage benches or ottomans with removable tops, also come in handy for keeping toys and pet products off the floor and reducing clutter.

Maintain a regular grooming routine.
Even if you have an indoor pet, it’s important to maintain a regular grooming routine to keep potential odors at bay. Wash and brush your pet weekly, and keep wet wipes handy to clean off dirty paws after walking outside.

Consider size, noise level and upkeep when shopping around for a new pet.
If you’re living in a small space and thinking of bringing a new pet home, consider the size, noise level and upkeep when making your decision. A tiny studio, for example, probably isn’t the best environment for a Great Dane; and long hours away from your flat isn’t ideal for pets that need more attention. Also, some buildings have strict rules in terms of what type of animals tenants can have – so check with your landlord’s requirements before making any new commitments towards a new furry member of the family.

Do you have extra tips on living with a pet in small spaces you’d like to share? We’d for you to share your ideas by commenting below! Thanks for reading! 

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