7 Home Décor Ideas that Don’t Take Up Too Much Space

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Decorating an apartment can be a huge undertaking – even more so, if you live in a small space. While there may be less square footage to worry about, having a small flat or house means you have to be more selective about what type of pieces to incorporate into your decor scheme. Fortunately, a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Here are seven home decor ideas that will beautifully dress up your home without taking up too much space.

Accent Pillows

Spruce up a plain couch by adding a mixture of different accent pillows. This is one of the easiest ways to add a pop of colour and/or texture to your living area. It’s one of the simplest home decor ideas but it adds so much personality to a room!

Decorative Throws

A nice throw blanket draped along the back of a sofa – or simply strewn along the cushions – is a chic way to make your small apartment feel more like a home and less like a university dorm room. Choose a thick, nubby blanket for a cozy effect, or go the luxury route with cashmere or faux fur.

Flowers and Greenery

One can never go wrong with flowers, and even the smallest apartment will have room for a beautiful vase of blooms. Alternatively, save table or counter space by hanging a potted arrangement of lush greenery. Not only does it draw the eye upward, but a hanging plant adds a gorgeous and dramatic element to the home.

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Chic Lamps

Your home needs lighting, so why not choose lamps that double as decor pieces? A chic floor lamp looks great in the living room, and bedroom nightstands are the perfect place for small lamps with decorative details. Crystals, intricate shapes, bamboo, rose quartz… choose whatever you like!


Decorate with mirrors to make any room look larger. Ornate mirrors can work wonders for making a small space more stylish, and full-length floor mirrors are the perfect way to make use of an empty corner.

7 space saving home decor ideas
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Wall Displays

Do you have a ton of jewelry stashed away in your closet or under your bed? Hang it along the walls of your bedroom instead for a fun display that takes up less room than loads of jewellery boxes. If you’re short on storage space in the kitchen, you could also hang copper pots or large cooking utensils for a charming, Tuscan look.

Wall Art

Of course, wall art is a wonderful way to personalize your apartment and add some depth to any room without taking up any valuable floor space. From paintings, to wall sconces, to stick-on decals, anything goes as long as it’s a reflection of your style. Just be sure to choose pieces that fit the scale of the wall, as well as the furniture around it.

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Do you have any great home decor ideas? What’s your favorite space-friendly way to decorate? Comment below and tell us!


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