Amazing Manhattan Micro Loft

Manhattan Micro Loft 1

This amazing Manhattan micro loft proves that small spaces can have enormous amounts of style and incredible design. Designed by the talented Specht Harpman Architects, the once outdated loft has been transformed into a modern delight. The loft is a mere 425 sqft with 25ft ceilings.

This is a complete overview of the layout of the flat. It’s spread out over 3 floors; the main floor which includes the living area, kitchen and full bathroom, the next floor up is the bed room with additional under stair storage and finally the our door terrace on the top level.

Manhattan Mirco Loft

Here are a few ‘before’ photos. Its amazing the level of imagination required to see past the current condition the loft was in before Specht Harpman worked their magic.

Manhattan Micro Loft 13

Manhattan Micro Loft 12

Manhattan Micro Loft 11

Then voilà!!

This full length mirror on the bathroom door is a nice touch. Mirrors add the illusion of a bigger space. Besides, there’s really no bad place for a mirror. Well actually, I can think of a couple. Moving on…. haha

Manhattan Micro Loft 3

Manhattan Micro Loft 10

Manhattan Micro Loft 5

Manhattan Micro Loft 6

This single feature is what sold me on the design. They included storage all most down to the very last step! Storage is so key when it comes to living small. By incorporating the storage into the layout of the loft they didn’t compromise the design. Brill!

Manhattan Micro Loft 4

Clean lines and all white decor gives the kitchen a very relaxing yet sophisticate feel. I would be so scared to make a mess!

Manhattan Micro Loft 2

The bedroom on the next level up.

Manhattan Micro Loft 7

Another built-in wardrobe.

Manhattan Micro Loft 8

Manhattan Micro Loft 9

Huge windows are great for bringing in light. As we know the view you get in Manhattan can be very limiting. This view is quite awesome! The design also provides a bit of privacy as the windows aren’t peering directly into the bedroom area. Attention to detail.

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